[ROUGH DRAFT] I am making this document to help the world fight the Coronavirus-19 pandemic. It seems the hospitals are full. I remain non-partisan, but no matter what political stance you follow, I think everyone can agree our "leadership" through this pandemic has failed us, the people. The people must all come together and eradicate this virus ourselves as naturally as possible. I'm not "anti-mask" or an "anti-vaxxer", I am against the overuse of both. Anti-biotics have been overused and are now getting less effective. I think vaccines have their place. I think masks have their place; I wear a face shield and stand far away when I am performing my music these days. I just think there are also other important things we can be doing to battle this virus. Wether you are waiting for the vaccine or not, here are some things you can do to protect yourself. 

*note: I suspect our "leaders" (including Donald Trump) are benefitting financially from the lockdowns and the Covid-19 vaccine and this is why they don't want to make the below information readily available: 

Ways to prevent getting Covid-19: 
Boost your immune system: 
- regular doses of vitamin D : Not all vitamin D supplements work, but the Thorne Research liquid form has worked for me, verified by blood tests at my doctor. Also helps with depression, which is why I have been supplementing with vitamin D for so long. Go here for my write up of how I deal with depression. Here is a good video from Dr. Chris Martenson on vitamin D. 
- High doses of vitamin C. HIGH DOSES is more than 1000mg!!!   
- Chaga mushrooms 
- regular doses of Zinc: You can get zinc in foods and with supplements. There is also something called an ionophore that helps your cells receive zinc more easily. Turmeric is a natural ionophore. Hydroxychloroquine is a pharmaceutical type of ionophore that's being used for Covid-19 patients to help them absorb zinc.
- In this interview with Joe Rogan, Dr Mark Gordon talks about vitamins to boost your immune system: https://youtu.be/T5_bSHzNdqs   
- exercise 
- if you are out of shape, get into shape
- eat as healthy as possible
- avoid processed sugar (especially corn syrup) 
- sunshine (more vitamin D)
- avoid alcohol 
- avoid smoking/vaping
- reduce stress
- pray (if you believe)

- Vitamin D & Covid-19 video:

Ways to prevent spreading Covid-19:
- if you have a fever or any other symptoms, stay home. If you absolutely have to leave your house, wear a mask to help you from spreading it because you know you are sick and hopefully you will not have to wear it long. Also, wearing a mask lets others know you are sick so they can stay away from you. This is one case for people only wearing masks everywhere if they are sick because it lets others know to stay away from them. 
- wash hands frequently 
- social distance: 6 feet is what we are told in the USA
- wear a mask if you believe in that. I am NOT "anti-mask". The science is still out. I'll wear a mask in a store and closed in spaces, especially where it is required.  I'm skeptical of asymptomatic mask wearing. Asymptomatic transmission has been proven to be very rare. Long periods of wearing masks have been shown to have negative effects. Remember, anytime you want to mask-shame and shout "wear a mask" at someone else, first ask yourself if you are boosting your own immune system. The science is all over the place when it comes to mask benefit vs dangers. We are all dealing with this complex crisis the way we feel is best and shaming is not helpful right now. If someone asks me politely "Do you mind wearing a mask?" I happily oblige. However, the more people shame me about the mask, the more I feel repelled to wear it; I guess it's my stubborn nature. Again, I will wear a mask anywhere I am asked to, within reason. 
- Here medical Dr. Eric Nepute explaining the dangers of the overuse of masks: https://youtu.be/jb-GFs4j6tM

If you get Covid 19 or are getting symptoms:
- Continue vitamins from above
- Gargle and drink warm lemon water at first sign
- take elderberry syrup/gummies (contains more zinc) 
- urine therapy?: I don't know much about this, but trustworthy sources have told me it works
- pray (if you believe)
- try a drug treatment below. I cannot verify it, but I have heard that vaccines cannot be approved unless there are no known treatments for the illness (can someone verify this?). This may be why the vaccine companies are hiding the info below: 

If illness is severe enough contact these doctors for help (I will add more as I get them):


Dr. Pierre Kory pleads for Ivermectin review:

Dr. Chris Martenson on Ivermectin & HCQ:

Dr. Pierre Kory interview about Ivermectin use for Covid-19:

Dangers of vaccines:
Again, I'm not an "anti-vaxxer". I'm a "safe-vaxxer" who would like a better testing schedule for vaccines, just like Robert Kennedy Jr. says.

Take the vaccine if you want. However, it might be a while before you can get it, so practice the above techniques in the meantime. Vaccines may work or they may not. You may have a better chance dealing with this virus on your own than you do facing side effects of the vaccine; 99.8% survival rate of virus vs. unknown survival rate of vaccine. Vaccines are controversial, and may actually increase your chances of spreading an illness you are vaccinating against (see below). Vaccines may make make people more unhealthy in the long run. Because of these last two reasons, I am against a vaccine mandate.  

Dr. Simone Gold really covers it all here. The alternative therapies and the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccine:

Dr. Stephen Malthouse's view on the pandemic resonates with me: 

This doctor is just as skeptical about the vaccine and Bill Gates as I am. Apparently, vaccines cannot be approved unless there is no other treatments for the illness. Could that be why the vaccine companies are hiding the info about Ivermectin? (sorry for video quality. The video sites kept deleting it ( I wonder why?), so I had to use my phone to record it directly) 

Robert Kennedy Jr being interviewed by comedian Theo Von November 2020: Pertinent vaccine info at appox. 27minutes, then gets really interesting at 47 minutes

Dr Larry Palevsky, MD testifies against vaccines with nano particles:

ScienceMag.Org Article:

Robert Kennedy Jr debates vaccines: approx. 27 Minutes in is very interesting. Furthermore, he explains that today's children have to take 72 vaccines vs the 3 during the time of Polio. Polio may not have been abolished by the vaccine, but rather sanitation/hygiene etc.. Since 1989 Children have become a lot more likely to be harmed by vaccines because there are so many more vaccines. 

Is this virus just a really bad flu? (An0maly)  

Doctor warns about vaccine:

Nurses refuse vaccine:

List of ingredients in Maderna vaccine. Anyone know what SM-102 is?  

Planet Lockdown to Control Humanity (this one is more what people might call "conspiracy theory"):

Keeping Small Businesses Open: 
With all due respect to anyone who has been directly affected by this virus, we also have to protect our small businesses through this pandemic before the world has a total multi-national-corporate take over. I look around and see that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. I believe this wealth disparity dynamic is more dangerous than the virus. 

The Village SD Owner Speaks Out: 


Stay As Unified as Possible
It probably sounds absurd to a lot of people right now, but all "the people" getting along should be the priority here. This may be the most complex crisis the world has ever faced. There is no instruction manual here. To shame anyone for the way they are handling this pandemic is only adding to the division. I think having respectful disagreements is the way to keep us unified.  

Derrick Broze, of the Conscious Resistance Network, has great insight into staying unified, NOT taking sides and not letting the "puppet masters" make us, the people, fight: