The intention of this document is to help the world eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic. I assume most people know the main stream's narrative of "let's shut everything down as much as possible while we sit on our hands and wear a mask until we are all vaccinated". This document is offering an alternate narrative for those who may be interested, because not all of us believe that the main stream narrative is the best solution. In short, I believe natural ways of boosting our immune systems should be promoted on every billboard in the world. Why is this not happening?! Why are our public officials not educating people on how to get their health optimal? Vaccines should be a last resort. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer because of this pandemic. Take the vaccine if you want, just don't expect everybody to take it. Just because a person does not like wine, doesn't mean they are anti-grape or anti-grape juice. Just because a person doesn't want to take an experimental mRNA injection, doesn't make them anti-vaxxer and a Trump supporter. Science IS Real! It's a real methodical tool for knowledge, but it's NOT meant to be a religion to keep people from thinking for themselves and asking questions.  

It seems the hospitals are full again. I remain non-partisan (I'm not a Trump supporter, nor am I anti-Trump. I am not a Biden supporter nor am I anti-Biden. I am the change I want to see), but I believe our "leadership" through this pandemic has failed us, The People. The people must all come together and eradicate this virus ourselves as naturally as possible. If the hospitals are full, maybe there should be a public outreach on showing people how to care for themselves at home? 

I'm not "anti-mask" or an "anti-vaxxer", I'm just against the overuse of both. Antibiotics have been overused and are now getting less effective. I think vaccines have their place. I think masks have their place. At the beginning of the pandemic I wore a face shield and stood far away from the audience when performing my music. Now that all the people who want the MRNA injection have the injection, I am very reluctant to wear a face covering and will only do so when absolutely necessary. I just think there are also other important things we can be doing to battle this virus. Whether you are a proponent of the vaccine or not, here are some things you can do to protect yourself in the meantime... 

* note: this whole document is composed of views/opinions of myself. Perhaps some of it will resonate with you and some of it will not. Do your own research and do what resonates with you. I am certainly NOT a medical professional, just a human being who has had to deal with some chronic health issues. If you have anything helpful to add to this document, please let me know as I welcome your help.   
** note: I suspect our "leaders" (including Donald Trump) are benefitting financially from the lockdowns and the Covid-19 vaccine and this is why they don't want to make the below information readily available. How do we create a health care system that profits more off of healthy people than sick people? 

*** note: August 24, 2021 update: here is a site people may like: 

Ways to prevent getting Covid-19: 
Boost your immune system: 
- vitamin D : I have noticed for years now that most people in the world are vitamin D deficient. This is bad because vitamin D is crucial for so many things, including immune system & mental health. Many doctors are now advocating for vitamin D in our fight with Covid-19. Not all vitamin D supplements work, but the Thorne Research liquid form has worked for me, verified by blood tests at my doctor. Also helps with depression, which is why I have been supplementing with vitamin D for so long. Go here for my write up of how I deal with depression. Serioulsy, please go get your blood work done to check your vitamin D level. It could really change your life like it has changed my life. 
- Note: Apparently, vitamin D levels have a lot to do with magnesium. There are different forms of magnesium. I am looking further into this subject now. 
- Here is a good video from Dr. Chris Martenson on vitamin D:
- Plenty of vitamin C. 1000mg/day or more. 
- Chaga mushrooms. Look these up for yourself. 
- regular doses of Zinc: You can get zinc in foods and with supplements. There is also something called an ionophore that helps your cells receive zinc more easily. Turmeric is a natural ionophore. Hydroxychloroquine is a pharmaceutical and I think it's function is as an ionophore, in regards to Covid-19 patients, to help them absorb zinc. Quercetin can also help absorb zinc. 
- In this interview with Joe Rogan, Dr Mark Gordon talks about vitamins to boost your immune system:   
- probiotics:
- exercise 
- if you are out of shape, get into shape (it seems like the more active you are moving your body the less likely you get severely sick from the this virus) 
- eat as healthy as possible
- avoid processed sugar (especially corn syrup) 
- sunshine (more vitamin D)
- avoid alcohol 
- avoid smoking/vaping
- reduce stress
- pray (if you believe)

-  Great & technical Vitamin D & Covid-19 video:

Ways to prevent spreading Covid-19:
- if you have a fever or any other symptoms, stay home. If you absolutely have to leave your house, wear a mask to help you from spreading it because you know you are sick. Wearing a mask lets others know you are sick so they can stay away from you. This is one case for people only wearing masks everywhere if they are sick because it lets others know to stay away from them. note: to the dismay of bosses, for decades now, I have called in sick to jobs in the interest in keeping others from catching my illness. I canceled a week of shows on a tour in early 2019 because I became ill while I was on tour and I did not want to get anyone else sick. 
- check the fever of any visitors to your house. Whatever happened to this policy at stores? 
- wash hands frequently, especially when returning home. 
- social distance: 6 feet is what we are told in the USA. 12 feet in public spaces seems reasonable. 
- wear a mask if you believe in that. I am NOT "anti-mask". The science is still out. I'll wear a mask in a store and closed in spaces, especially where it is required. I was the first person to wear a mask at my local grocery store in San Diego. People looked at me like I was crazy, but I was very careful of this virus for the first 3 months, until it became apparent to me that we were over reacting, in some ways. I will not wear a mask in wide open spaces when I'm far away from others. If I am walking on an uncrowded sidewalk, I will not wear my mask, unless I see an elderly person who seems concerned with amask on or some other frail looking person. If I happen to be at an outdoor gathering with lots of people, I would probably wear a mask or a face shield. All this to say, there is a time and place for the masks. 

- I'm skeptical of asymptomatic mask wearing. I believe long periods (more than 30 minutes) of wearing masks can have have negative effects, because it causes people to touch their face more often and I think we expel a lot of toxins (carbon dioxide, bacteria etc.) that should not be kept inside around our mouths for long periods of time. Isn't there an OSHA regulation forbidding people to wear an N-95 mask longer than certain amounts of time?

- Fauci on asymptomatic transmission:

- Remember, anytime you want to mask-shame and shout "wear a mask" at someone else, first ask yourself if you are boosting your own immune system/ taking care of your health, optimally. The science is all over the place when it comes to mask benefit vs dangers. We are all dealing with this complex crisis the way we feel is best and shaming is not helpful right now. If someone asks me politely "Do you mind wearing a mask?" I happily oblige. However, the more people shame me about the mask, the more I feel repelled to wear it; I guess it's my stubborn/rebellious nature and I suspect a lot of people feel the same way I do, though they may not feel comfortable admitting it.

- Again, I will wear a mask anywhere I am asked to, within reason. I usually do not wear a mask at my house with friends, but if I have a visitor who prefers I wear a mask, I will gladly oblige. I will continue to wear a mask until it seems that everyone who wants the vaccine has received it. I will not let the "authorities" move the goal posts and wear the mask indefinitely. 

- Del Bigtree measures the amount of CO2 of a mask wearer:

- Here medical Dr. Eric Nepute explains the dangers of the overuse of masks:

- How accurate are the PCR tests?

If you get Covid 19 or are getting symptoms: PLEASE ACT NOW!!!! 
- Continue vitamins from above
- take even more vitamin C. HIGH DOSES means more than 1000mg!!! I've heard it said that if you can take as much as 10,000mg a day. Vitamin C is almost impossible to overdose on. If you get loose stools then you know you've taken too much. You can also get high intravenous doses of vitamin C. 
- Gargle and drink warm lemon water at first sign. Do this at least 3 times a day, more if possible
- take elderberry syrup/gummies (contains more zinc & I suspect an ionophore
- urine therapy: I don't know much about this, but trustworthy sources have told me it works
- pray (if you believe)
- try a drug treatment below. I cannot verify it, but I have heard that vaccines cannot be approved unless there are no known treatments for the illness. This may be why the vaccine companies are hiding the info below:
- go to the hospital: I'd rather die at home alone, than die alone in a hospital, but not everyone feels this way. It seems like once someone gets on a ventilator there is little chance they will live.  

*note: this section is being challenged by a doctor friend of mine named Dr. Rich Kruger, as none of this information has been "approved" by any of the "powers that be". Dr. Kruger thinks these Ivermectin and Hyroxychloroquine doctors are "quack". Read at your own risk. 

If illness is severe enough contact these doctors for help (I will add more as I get them):

The Protocol for prevention and EARLY treatment of COVID 19 with Ivermectin is here: 

Here are some links showing the safety of Ivermectin:

From the NIH

Ivermectin use in the Indian Province of Uttar Pradesh

- Alternatives to the injection to prevent illness - Fluvoxamine and Ivermectin:

This is a unique treatment that uses  budesonide, Ivermectin, Clarithromyc, aspirin 
here is an article about Dr. Richard Bartlett's treatment:
Video of Rob Dew's testimony here:

Dr. Pierre Kory pleads for Ivermectin review:     Ooops, YouTube has now taken it down. I wonder why?
It's on Rumble here:
Sorry it's on Fox News (I don't care for any mani stream media), but here is a story about how YouTube deleted the video of Dr Pierre Kory's testimony on Ivermectin:

Dr Peter McCollough testifies before Texas Senate of his knowledge of alternative therapies available 6 months before the vaccine rollouts and how he was censored/hushed. Other doctors have reported the same. How many lives could have been saved?:

One man's success story with early treatment:

This woman's family had to sue the hospital for the right to use Ivermectin and it saved her life:

(UPDATE 2/2/21) Ivermectin has been now been allowed for Covid-19 use!!!
* note: some people question the validity of this article

Dr. Chris Martenson on Ivermectin & HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine): Dr. Chris Martenson has been one of my favorite channels to watch during this pandemic as he is a medical doctor and he also covers the economy in addition to the virus:

Dr. Pierre Kory interview about Ivermectin use for Covid-19:

" Everyone Needs Ivermectin, Even the Vaccinated"

--- Place to buy medicines online (you can even buy Ivermectin & Hyroxychloroquine on this site) It takes about 6-8 weeks BUT I have ordered successfully twice using BitCoin

- White house press secretary lies. FDA had NOT been approved "vaxx". It was only authorized for emergency use until August 23 2021 (An0maly): 

Vaccines: PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS SECTION IF YOU ARE GOING TO GET MAD AT ME. I'm not trying to make any enemies. I pray that all the injected people will be fine. 

Again, I'm not an "anti-vaxxer". I'm a "safe-vaxxer" who would like a better testing schedule for vaccines, just like Robert Kennedy Jr. says here. As far as I understand. it, Covid-19 is NOT nearly as deadly as Polio and so we should not compare the two. Essentially, I am choosing to take my chances with the virus rather than take my chances with the vaccine.

How many vaccines are we willing to take before we think it is too much? As far as I understand from listening to people such as Robert Kennedy Jr. in 1986 there was legislation passed that holds vaccine companies unaccountable for any damages they may cause to human beings. Starting in 1989, children were showing up with more food allergies and other more severe maladies.  

Take the experimental mRNA vaccine if you want. I will not. It could take months or years to realize the consequences of this experimental mRNA vaccine. It seems like I have plenty of friends who have already taken it and I respect that and I sincerely wish them optimal health. Vaccines may work or they may not. The mRNA vaccine may require booster shots every 3-6 months? This vaccine may set a precedent moving forward where everyone accepts that we have to have vaccines to live on this planet and I'm not ready to accept that. You may have a better chance dealing with this virus on your own than you do facing side effects of the vaccine; 99.8% survival rate of virus vs. unknown survival rate of vaccine. Vaccines are controversial, and may actually increase your chances of spreading an illness you are vaccinating against (see below). Vaccines may make make people more unhealthy in the long run. Humans used to roam the planet freely but now we are on the verge of accepting that we cannot live on this planet without the aid of vaccines from the pharmaceutical companies and I want nothing to do with it. Because of these reasons, I am against a vaccine mandate. Just as I am pro-choice for women and abortions, I am pro-choice for vaccines. 

If you do not want to take the vaccine, please know you are not alone. There is a big community of people in the world who feel the same way, though you may not know it by watching main stream media. You may think all the people who choose not to take the injection are Trump supports. It is NOT true. Check out Derrick Broze and the Conscious Resistance Network to find like minded people in your community. 

*note: If you do not plan on boosting your immune system and/or taking care of your own health, then you may just want to take the vaccine. I know people who have gotten very sick.  


- What is the difference between the Johnson & Johnson injection and the Pfizer/Moderna? Essentially the J&J is 
an AdVac vaccine technology while the Pfizer/Moderna is MRNA technology>
Here is an article on the subject:

- The Inventor of the MRNA injection says spike protein is dangerous (gets to the pint at 5 minutes in):,-it's:3

- Former Pfizer VP speaks out:

- Former Pfizer employee speaks out about FDA approval

- Same Pfizer employee speaks out about Graphene Oxide in mRNA injections:

- Dr. Peter McCullough sounds the alarm on the MRNA injection:

Mt Vernon School Board Meeting:  Jab causes breakout- even in the middle of summer - Dr. Dan Stock:

This nurse sums up how I view this pandemic:

- Dr. Robert Malone, creator of mRNA technology,  says the Vaccinated are creating the variants and therefore complicating the crisis:

- Dr Ben Edwards testifies before Texas Senate on the dangers of vaccinating people who are already immune :

- This doctor makes some great points before the Senate:

- Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, one of the top vaccine experts in the world, urges doctors to stop the vaccinations immediately (March 6, 2021) because vaccinating during a raging pandemic will complicate the crisis by creating variants of the virus.
- 11:15 doctor explains needing the right weapon at the right time
- 30:00 vaccine mandates unfair? 
- 32:58 doctor explains that he thinks vaccines are great but NOT during a pandemic 
if YouTube takes it down you can also watch it here:

- Article from Jan. 26 2021 About how Vaccine manufacturer Merck has abandoned development of two coronavirus vaccines, saying that after extensive research it was concluded that the shots offered less protection than just contracting the virus itself and developing antibodies.

- Dr. Stephen Malthouse's view on the pandemic resonates with me:

- Dr Larry Palevsky, MD testifies about vaccines with nano particles:

- "Herd Immunity Not Possible, Even With Vaccine:

- Dr Chris Martenson says that the pandemic is over. It is now endemic, meaning this virus is never going away:

- For people who are against mandating the Covid-19 vaccine there is a petition here: Lots of other great info at that site as well. 

- I do not want to overwhelm readers with too much vaccine info, but if you are interested in more info, go here, including an explanation of my lyrics to "CoronaCoaster Blues" I warn you though, some of the info here is not what a lot of people want to hear. It is very dark at times. Viewer Discretion advised.  I hope that none of this info is true.

Injuries from the Injection (WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEOS) : 


Brit Galvin Injection Injury Story

Johnson & Johnson 'Vaccine' Left Me Unable To Walk

How many vaccines is too many for our children and future generations? 

H.R.5546 - National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986
Essentially, since 1986 American citizens cannot sue the drug companies for a vackseen injury, instead a citizen has to sue the government and IF they are awarded any compensation, which I understand is rare, the money for the compensation comes from a fund built on tax payer dollars, meaning the drug companies pay nothing for injuries.

FDA Approves the MRNA Injection: 
- Here's what Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the MRNA technology, has to say about the FDA approval:

Here's what "What's Her Face" has to say about the FDA approval:

- Wether I still consider the Pfizer injection experimental is irrelevant as I am just a lowly traveling musician/writer/adventurer. I will say the FDA has reversed approval of medicine in the past:

Furthermore, even the currently approved FDA drugs have had serious problems in the past. One example is Thalidomide, which is currently FDA approved, but in the past it caused serious birth defects in the 50' & 60's until they stopped allowing pregnant women to use it. Though Thalidomide has existed since the 50's the FDA did not approve it until 1998, which means it took them 40 years to approve Thalidomide.

Keeping Small Businesses Open: 
With all due respect to anyone who has been directly affected by this virus, we also have to protect our small businesses through this pandemic before the world has a total multi-national-corporate take over. I look around and see that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. I don't like the fact that we live in a world that revolves around money, but I believe this wealth disparity dynamic is potentially more dangerous than the virus. Are future generations going to have to pay for all this debt? I would like to continue to see people working for themselves and their families vs being forced to work for a corporation.  Therefore, I have chosen to support businesses who are defying the lock down orders. None of "the people" voted to shut these businesses down, so I do not find it justified to shut them down. I think businesses should encourage safe environments until all the people in the world who want to be vaccinated, are, but that's just my opinion, and I don't believe in mandating anything; let the people decide by spending their money at whatever business they choose. 

Don't get me wrong, I have found it nice to stay home and collect some unemployment, but I know that we are all going to have to pay for this somehow. Future generations may have to pay for this and that's not fair. Therefore, I feel it is the right thing to, to keep ourselves employed and working. Hopefully, most people believe in their work. If not, I hope they can find work that they are passionate about. I've worked many jobs that sucked the life out of me, but now I am back to being a full time musician, I am passionate about my livelihood. I wish the the whole world could be passionate about their livelihood. I encourage everyone to follow their bliss in life. For a long time now I have been daring people to quit their job, if they don't like it, and go do something they are passionate about. When enough people are living passionately, this world will be a better place. 

There is a lot of suicide because of these lock downs. People are lonely. I don't care what anybody says, loneliness kills. We are social creatures.

The Village SD Owner Speaks Out:

Stay As Unified as Possible

"We are all the problem. We are all the solution. Everyone has a gift and part to play" 
- Fast Heart Mart "Let's All Solve This"

--- It probably sounds absurd to a lot of people right now, but all "the people" getting along should be the priority here. The "puppet masters" want us all to quarrel as it makes it easier for "them" to control us. This may be the most complex crisis the world has ever faced. There is no instruction manual. To shame anyone for the way they are handling this pandemic is only adding to the division. I think having respectful disagreements is the way to keep us unified. It is ok to disagree. It is not ok to shame and be disrespectful. 
--- Derrick Broze, of the Conscious Resistance Network, has great insight into staying unified, NOT taking sides and not letting the "puppet masters" make us, "the people", fight with each other:

-- A concept called "Freedom Cells"  and this website may be helpful to everyone moving forward as it helps us all work together to (re)create the world we all want:

The Optimistic View

David Icke:

People Are Speaking Out Against The Mandates: 
Nurese resigns because of mandates:,-San-Diego:7
Nurse speaks out against mandates:

- San Diego: 
- San Diego:
Trucker in Australia: