This is the official website of Fast Heart Mart music: a blend of rock, folk, punk, old-time country, bluegrass, blues, rap and indian raga... or simply Punkgrass music.

Most of my gigs have been canceled indefinitely because of the Global Pandemic, so I launched a podcast in an attempt to keep my music train moving through the world... Stop in and listen, say hello from a distance, become a Patron and/or throw some money in my tip jar on your way out ;)

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Check out my book here!

Check out my book here!

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Let's All Solve This

Fast Heart Mart

Now more than ever the people of the world have to be the change they want to see. There are so many problems that no one person could do it alone, but if each of us picks at least one issue and works on fixing it, the world will be a better place. Imagine the Violent Femmes with a banjo instead of guitar and that's the sound of this track.
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