Day 11: Phoenix House Concert

Today was April Fool's Day. I love April Fool's Day! It's the one day of the year that we are allowed to play crazy pranks on each other and not face serious consequences. I told all my online friends and fans that I was moving to Tombstone, Arizona. My mom asked me if I was seeing "objects in the sky"? Haha! She was the only one who "fooled" me :)

I drove from Tucson to Phoenix for a house concert at my friend Rai and Wendi's house. Their house is pretty much my Phoenix home. I have been playing Rai's house concert series since about 2007. Rai is a great guy, who is also a talented musician, a great music event host and an amazing chef. He's seriously one of the finest human beings I know. 

Rai was not able to attend this concert as he was called on business to Lake Havasu. However, his wife Wendi was glad to fill in for him. The attendance was a bit more sparse than usual, especially the amount of musicians in attendance, but it was still fun. An ex New Yorker named Victoria inadvertently "opened" for me when she brought her hand drum to the backyard party and started playing. A little 5 year old girl in a panda suit grabbed a drum and played along with Victoria. 

There were about 15 people who listened to my set. Some people I knew from previous visits to Phoenix. I bantered with the audience between songs and it was a fun little performance. I received enough tip money to make it worth my while. Ah, the life of a rambling folk musician. It's the life for me, I suppose :) 


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