Day 10: School's Out For Summer!

Today I went for a hike on the San Pedro river. Did you know it's one of the only river in this part of the world that flows from south to north? Weird. Whatever, it was really beautiful. This patch of desert between Tombstone and Sierra Vista Arizona is so serene and wonderful. 

Then I headed over to Tombstone to get a busker permit. I did some busking, but I started at 4pm and that's when Tombstone gets deserted by all the tourists for the day. Note to self: busk in Tombstone between 10am and 4pm. Nonetheless, one generous soul put a $20 bill in my tip jar and a few others put some $1 bills in there, so it wasn't a complete waste of time, but the energy output to dollar input was not looking good, so I packed up.  

My friend Jeremy and I hung out after my underwhelming  busking session with his friend Jennifer. We all ate dinner together at Big Nose Kate's, then I drove off into the sunset, heading for Phoenix. 

This whole trip has had me feeling pretty aloof. I've done alright, but I'm just having problems taking anything seriously in the world right now. I feel like the world is in such a precarious state and on the brink of societal collapse. It feels like it's the 2nd to last day of 6th grade before summer break. I can't seem to take anything seriously anymore. I say to my friend "you can keep your nose in that book if you want to, but I'm done. I'm going to enjoy myself while I can". 

Jeremy is an inspiration. He lives out of his van and sells jewelry and gems and types poems and performs his music on a daily basis. It's inspirational to see how he keeps the stoke alive. He hasn't been doing all this musical travel as long as I have, but it's still a lesson for me to try and take things seriously while I still can. I won't see Jeremy again in this tour. 

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