Days 8 and 9: Has California Ruined Me?

It's been windy, cold and rainy the past two days in Bisbee and Tombstone, Arizona. I've spent quite a bit of my time sitting in my car, relaxing and working on music related stuff on my computer. It's kind of my form of a vacation when I get to just chill out in my car while I'm on tour. It's a cheap and easy vacation. There's something very gratifying about watching a thunderstorm in the desert from the comfort and safety of your car. 

I've also spent the past two days hanging out with my long time friend Amelie. I met Amelie back in 2004(?) while I busking on the U of A campus in Tucson, Arizona. We've been good friends ever since. Amelie and I have the same March 7th birthday. There really must be something to astrology because Amelie and I have so many of the same characteristics, including being very sensitive and having to learn how to deal with being sensitive in this rough world. Amelie and her husband just bought a house in Bisbee and they are a really great, functioning couple. It is so rare to see functional marriages these days and Amelie and her husband are one of only a few that I know personally. They have a really cute pit bull named River and a moody cat named Merlin. Amelie sat around her house and talked about the pandemic, where we think the world is headed, relationships, the pursuit of happiness, working and many things. 

As I linger around the south eastern Arizona scene I ponder my existence in southern California. For one thing, I find the women here more friendly and more attractive than they are in southern California. I also feel a sense of calm that must be attributed to a lower population density. I wonder of I would have a better life down here? Hmmmm.... 

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