Day 6 & 7: Opening For Brea Burns

Brea Burns
I met Brea Burns back in 2018 when I was playing in Bisbee, AZ at a bar called The Quarry Bisbee. Her fiddle player came up on stage and played with me. He was a really good fiddle player! Brea introduced herself after the gig and we have kept in touch through social media. Through keeping in touch I have come to realize what a serious musician Brea is. She has to be one of Arizona's best known musicians because she is constantly playing shows and bedazzling crowds. 

On social media, Brea voiced her support for my views on the mRNA injections. This made us even closer friends. Then in the spring of 2021 I opened for her and her boyfriend at the Bisbee Social Club. It was a great show! It was right when the mRNA injections were being doled out to the masses of people. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I respect everyone's choice on the mRNA injection, but I am against the mandates. The Bisbee Social Club was filled with people like me that night, which makes sense because all the people who were in fear of the virus stayed home. That crowd loved my set and it was a great night of music. It was the first show with a substantial crowd that I had played since the pandemic was declared a year earlier. 

This past Saturday night I opened for Brea Burns again and once again it was a very enthusiastic crowd. It was a chaotic night and I admire how calmly Brea handles it all. Then the next night Brea played before me at another bar in Bisbee. This was a much more quiet and calm scene and I was able to hear Brea and her lead guitarist Country a lot better. She even unveiled a new murder ballad that she wrote and it was really good. Brea has a way with phrasing ideas that is clever and well done. She's as determined as a freight train to get her music out there. Good on you Brea Burns! Keep on rockin!  

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