Day 4: California Plates


Last night I parked my car in Silver City and went to sleep. My Silver City friends inform me that Californians are taking over Silver City. "We're getting taken over by retired Californians in hiking clothes" said one friend of mine. It makes me cringe even more now when I drive around with California plates. I want to put a sign on my car that says "I just live in California because I get really depressed when the weather is bad. Please don't hate me. I've played your beautiful Silver City every year since 2003." 

Jeremy and I went on a hike through the Silver City "ditch", which I have heard used to be where main street was until it was flooded. The sun was shining bright. It was a great hike! 

As we strolled through downtown Silver City, I noticed buskers all over the place. One guy was sitting on the ground in the foyer to the Gila theatre, strumming out notes on his guitar. He didn't smile at me. Instead he scowled with a look of "give me some money". Another guy was pulling out his fiddle when he looked at me and asked "how are you doing?". "I'm good. How 'bout you?" I responded. "I'm just trying to make it home". When I first started coming to Silver City in 2003, there was no one busking on the streets, or it was really rare. Now you can't even leave the Walmart parking lot without having to pass a man with a guitar trying to make some money. It makes me aware of the tough times we are living through.   

The show at the Buckhorn went really well tonight! My great Silver City friends came out and it was really good to see them. I made enough money to pay my bills! 

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