Day 3: Silver City Here I Come

Went for a hike with my friends this morning in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The hiking trail used to be used by tuberculosis patients to get to the sanitarium, which is at the foot of a waterfall. The sanitarium looks like an old bunk house for boy scout summer camps. It makes me think about the tuberculosis crisis that happened back in the 1900s. What happened? What stopped the crisis? How well was the crisis handled? I would like to look more into all this. 

I stop through and visit my friend Michelle in Las Cruces almost every year since about 2005. Michelle's son Indigo is now 16 years old. I've known him since he was gestating in Michelle's womb. Now he's taller than me! We had some good little conversations about the state of the world and where it is heading. Indigo is an open minded young man who is very intelligent. It's been a pleasure to see his progress through the years. 

I left Las Cruces as about 2pm to head for my first gig on this tour in Silver City, New Mexico. I filled up with gas that was ONLY $4.20/gal, which is relatively good right now. The drive to Silver City was mostly relaxing. The beautiful desert scenery on both sides of the road was majestic and the warm spring air in New Mexico has a feel like no other. 

I met up with my friend Jeremy Brownlowe, aka The Typewriter Troubadour, in Silver City. He's a fellow traveler, musician and writer. Jeremy just spent most of his winter on the East Coast and he's heading back to California now. He just spent Mardi Gras in New Orleans and SXSW in Austin. He lives in his van. He opened up the show in Silver City tonight. 

The show in Silver City was at Javalina's Coffee House. I've been playing this establishment since 2007. It's moved locations and changed ownership since then, but it's still a great little coffee house that is eager to have me. 

I do not think I promoted this gig enough because there was only about 7 people there throughout the performance and 3 of them just happened to be there.  It was an underwhelming experience that had me questioning my life's choices. Jeremy did great opening up. I kept it very mellow. 

My friend Jennifer and her boyfriend Thatcher took us all out for Chinese Food after. 


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