Day 2: Driving to Las Cruces


I got a late start getting on the road this morning. I had to tend to some booking/promoting emails, mix a new song that I have coming out and argue about the C!9 mRNA injections with my friend on Facebook. The emailing was easy, the song mixing was a complex time consuming yet satisfying process and the Facebook argument was a horrible waste of energy that sent one more friend in my life packing up and leaving. You can see the argument here

Being a self employed musician is great, but it's a TON of work these days. Most self employed musicians I know would say the same. We have to do everything ourselves theses days. We have to book, promote, create, record, mix, package, drive, network, and perform constantly. If people could see how much I have to work to keep my music train on the tracks, I think they would be shocked. It makes it hard to have friends or relationships of any kind. In fact, I feel like a bunch of my friends are mad at me right now for neglecting them. If you are one of those friends and you are reading this, please know that my time should free up very soon and I will be back in your life ASAP. 

I finally hit the road at 10am. My mind was full of thoughts about all the "friends" that have disowned and/or ridiculed me because of my stance on the mRNA injection. Essentially, my stance is this "I respect your choice to get the injection and I defend and your right to take it. Please respect and defend my choice not to take it". Anyone who cannot adhere to this is no longer in my life. It's sad, but it's what it is necessary. I don't need any intolerant people around me. 

It was really nice having 8 hours to just sit and drive. I was able to clear my head. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to just sit and think. 

I made it into Las Cruces, New Mexico at about 8pm. I met up with some long time friends and we went to eat Mexican food as we discussed wether or not people have actually gone to the moon. It feels good to be back in New Mexico, where the population density is way less than San Diego and people feel less stressed out. 


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