All my gigs have been canceled indefinitely because of the Coronavirus pandemic, so I launched a podcast in an attempt to keep my music train moving through the world... Stop in and listen, say hello from a distance, and throw some money in my tip jar on your way out ;)

Tips accepted:

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You can watch the podcast on YouTube Listen on iTunes, Spotify and all the places you listen to podcasts.

Podcast brought to you by the following supporters:

Gene & Cherie Stamper (my parents and #1 fans) 
Dawn in Albuquerque NM
Roblyn Crawford in Olympia WA
Lisa Getz in San Diego CA
Julie England in Taos NM
Rockin Ron in San Diego CA
Alissa in San Diego CA
Ariana in San Francisco CA
Cynthia & Cole in Boston MA
Debbie Redhouse in Albuquerque NM
Jeff Stork in San Diego CA
Mark Wit It in Albuquerque NM
Daniel & Juniper in Silver City NM
Greg McDonald in San Diego, CA
Lois Hoffman in Big Timer MT
Beth Pollock in Franklin IN
“Artist & Handyman” Greg in San Diego CA
Jeremy Fine in Boston MA
Patrick Grattan in San Diego CA
Jeremy “Typewriter Troubadour" Brownlowe in San Diego CA
Jamie in Washington DC
Aprille Byam in Rochester NY
 Jared Curry and family in San Diego CA
Jenny Haag in Albuquerque NM
Norma Yates in San Diego CA
Nancy Shane in Albuquerque NM

Maria Daws in Alabama
Thom Lev in San Francisco CA
John Simmons in Albuquerque
Brandi in Albuquerque
Nathan in San Diego
Doo in South Carolina
Juniper in Silver City, New Mexico
Utah Walden Morris in Southern Illinois or Missouri
Rebecca in Gualala CA
Craig in Franklin, Indiana
Eric Carlson in Santa Fe,  New Mexico

Things I am doing prevent contacting & spreading the virus:

washing hands
wearing a mask when in public place
6 feet social distance
Hand sanitizer
Homemade Sanitizing spray: whiskey and vinegar and good smelling essential oil of your preference
Lemon juice: disinfectant, also gargle with it in warm water
IF I get Covid 19 gargle with salt water or lemon juice and drink warm liquids and eat warm soups etc. and take lots of vitamin C and black elderberry and zin and vitamin D

Everyone meditate on the positive change they want to see at 11am each day

Boosting immune system with vitamin C and D, zinc and avoid sugar couldn’t to prevent getting sick.
Look into heavy metals detoxifying because heavy metals could be making you toxic.
Watch where I spend my money: Amazon had a strike already
Don’t smoke as it affects your lungs
No Advil, use Tylenol instead
Some people think it’s almost over OR that there is a cure BUT even if there were a cure, would there be enough to go around?  We can’t even get enough toilet paper… We can’t even get enough masks…

Suay Sew Shop Go Fund Me:
PayPal, Venmo etc.: Use Free option as to not give the Man more money than needed
Ask all the paper companies to use unbleached paper so we can compost it.
Everyone support at least one artist through this. Patreon. People only pay for what they get.
Always be considerate, don’t buy the last item at store because someone else might need it more
Speak as gently as possible to others because people are stressed out
Are we just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic? Should we just party this mutha’ into the ground? No, we have to fight until the end! There is always a way!