Who to Contact If You Get Sick

If you are sick right now, or concerned you might get sick, and you suspect it is C!19 related, these doctors can/will prescribe you all the "alternate-remedies" known to treat and or prevent this illness. 

American Frontline Doctors (AFLD):
Frontline Covid Critical Care Doctors (FLCCC)
Directory of Doctors Prescribing Outpatient COVID-19 Therapy



These doctors may be busy and it took me two days to hear back. 

I think it’s wise to preemptively contact them before you get sick and stock up on said remedies, so if you or someone you know gets sick, you won’t have to wait for the remedies to arrive. Prevention and EARLY treatment at the first sign of illness seems crucial. You can also order meds from India here: https://www.buy-pharma.md

I heard a doctor recently say “Get your house as fire proof as possible [prevention], but if a small fire does break out you can put it out with a glass of water [early treatment], but if you wait for your whole house to be in flames, then you’ll have to call the fire department”

Here is another good site you may contact:

Here is what I am doing to prevent getting sick:

Some safety Info About Ivermectin:




Here is some rebuttal I have received from my stance on this subject. 

A friend of mine shared this Time magazine article with me

Here is my response to the article:

Thanks for sharing this article from Time. If I wanted to be obnoxious I would point out that your source of information here, Time magazine, considered Adolf Hitler "Man of the Year" in 1938, but I won't be obnoxious. Instead I will give you the benefit of the doubt and consider your Time magazine smear piece on the AFLDs as a sincere inquiry into my thoughts on the article you shared. I will also thank you for your sincere inquiry as I have been meaning to update my info on this subject 

First, prevention seems to be the most important part in preventing complications from the C!9. Here is what I'm doing: https://fastheartmart.com/blogs/coronavirus-pandemic/posts/what-i-m-doing-to-protect-myself-from-the-virus 

Second, the AFLDs are probably super busy and I'm sure they have failed to serve everyone that has sought help from them. I imagine it is a HUGE undertaking to be one of the only places in the USA to seek alternate medicine. It took me two days to get a return phone call from a doctor back in August 2021 when I called; even then the doctor was scrambling to find time to talk, BUT they did talk to me AND they did talk to the sick person I was calling for. Here are some alternate doctors people can call if the AFLDs seem too busy: 




Third, as far as Ivermectin goes, I have personally used it with great results and I have personally seen others in my life have great success, some of whom are fully injected. However, most would consider my experience and those around me as anecdotal. So I will share scientific studies below: 

Here is a single site that shows over 60 studies. I have no doubt it won't be long before someone tries to take down this website for one reason or another, but you can see the studies from around the world here now: 


From the NIH 


Ivermectin use in the Indian Province of Uttar Pradesh 


You can actually order Ivermectin directly from India. It takes about 6-8 weeks https://www.buy-pharma.md 

As part of the medical freedom movement, I choose not to partake in dispersing negative info about the mRNA injection as I want to respect my friends' choices wether they agree with mine or not. 

However, people don't always return the favor and accuse me of believing in "snake oil salesmen". I then respectfully remind them that the mRNA companies promised them immunity/anti-contagion and that was not true. I respectfully remind people that in 2009 Pfizer was involved in the biggest medical fraud lawsuit in history Johnson and Johnson was caught putting asbestos in their baby powder (among many other things): 

 Despite this, I still respect people who choose to take the mRNA injections because that is their right. 

This Time magazine article you shared likes to intersperse its findings with politics and Donald Trump. Most of the people I know have given up on taking political sides altogether and Donald Trump is seen as an mRNA salesman just as much as Bill Gates, Fauci etc. . These figures are all part of the machine that wants to control; the rest of us are part of humanity, that just wants to live and love, regardless of race, religion or medical choices. It's not Republican vs Democrat; it's Humanity vs The Machine. I pray that God blesses us ALL.


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