Rallying For Medical Freedom

“Healthy Vitamin D and Zinc for All. No Vaaaaxx Maandates” because sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in and embolden those around you to do the same by showing them that they are not alone. I believe the world is learning how to respectfully disagree, which, along with other lessons, will lead humanity to a higher place. People are getting sick from the veyerus, but they are also getting sick from the vackseens https://odysee.com/@devrijeomroep:6/dr-scot-a-youngblood-defends-the-science_0211-2021:f

Wether or not you choose to get the vackseen, prevention and early treatment seem to be crucial: 

Here is what I am doing for prevention and early treatment:

To all my friends who disagree with my choice to refuse the C19 vackseen, but choose to stay friendly and respectful toward me, thank you so much, you are exceptional human beings . 

To all my friends who also refuse to take the C19 vackseen, stay strong as I suspect it won’t be long before the jobs/music concerts/restaurants/schools etc. that refuse to let us in realize they are missing a very crucial segment of contrarian thinkers and their gatherings are not as interesting without us; stay strong and hold the line because you know who you are and you have the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Stay strong and hold the line because without us the world will be thrust into an Orwellian 1984 reality faster than anyone can say “vaaaxxx pass please”. 

To all my friends who disagree with my choice to refuse the C19 vackseen and are now ignoring my posts on social media, please know it is ok to still be associated with me because:
- I’m the same guy who has championed environmental causes since I was 12 years old through vegetarianism/veganism & recycling & driving less & riding bicycles more etc. 
- I’m the same guy who has strived for world peace my entire adult life believing all races and sexes are all one human race
- I’m the same guy who worked with mentally disabled adults for 8 years because I could relate to their struggles through my own struggles with mental challenges of debilitating anxiety/depression & and a life threatening heart condition
- I’m the same guy who protested the Iraq war by riding my bike whenever possible & running my van on vegetable oil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIsPZpmWXRA&t=2s
- I’m the same guy believes the USA is a beacon of hope for liberty yet wrote and performed a song all over the world called “The Whitman Stole This Land” questioning/criticizing how the USA built a democracy on land stolen from the indigenous people of North America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKxh4JpcCGk&t=2s 
- I’m the same guy who has performed my music for 21 years encouraging everyone to follow their bliss
- I’m the same guy who voted for Barrack Obama in hopes to end the Iraq War (no disrespect to the soldiers who fought that war, I support the soldiers but not the war)
- I’m the same guy who was in favor of same sex marriage long before it was legalized
- I’m the same guy who participated in the Occupy movement in 2011 when millions of people around the world sounded the alarm on the world wealth disparity by peacefully occupying city centers throughout the world in a message to the wealthiest elite 1% that us 99% are aware of the economic injustice going on and we’re not gonna take it anymore https://fastheartmartoccupy.blogspot.com/
- I'm still the guy who curtails clinical depression everyday through diet, exercise and other natural methods: https://depression-and-all-the-sads.blogspot.com
- AND I’m still the guy who says politics is a soap opera to keep us all distracted/entertained/divided/enraged and though we should vote we must always remember to be the change we wish to see in the world because politicians will never be able to do anything we can’t do for ourselves. Please remember, though you disagree with my choice to refuse the C19 vackseen, there are other things you CAN still like about me. It’s still ok to support OTHER things I do that have NOTHING to do with the C19 vaccine. I’ve noticed you ignoring me. I hope some day we can make amends. I respect your choice on this C19 vackseen issue and I wish you great health, please do the same for me, after all, I’m as Pro-choice as I’ve always been. God bless the world 

*words intentionally misspelled to evade bot sensoreshiiip 

PS Here is a write up of some of the things I am doing to protect myself: https://fastheartmart.com/.../what-i-m-doing-to-protect...

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