Are We All In An Abusive Relationship With Our Government(s)?

Is the government abusing us? 

Signs of an abusive relationship: 
1: Stops You From Seeing Friends and Family 
2: Won’t Let you Go Out Without Permission 
3: Tell You What To Wear 
4: Monitors Your Phone or Emails 
5: Controls the Finances or Won’t Let you Work 
6&7: Controls What You Read, Watch & Say and Monitors You 
8: Punish you for breaking rules but the rules keep changing 
9: Tell you it’s for your own good, and that they know better 
10: Don’t allow you to question things 
11: Tell you you’re crazy, and no one agrees with you 
12: Call you names or shame you for being stupid or selfish 
13: Gaslight you & make you doubt yourself 
14: Dismiss your opinions 
15: Play the victim, blame you if things go wrong 

Options: Leave 

APOLITICAL Dr. Chris Martenson (Doctor of Pathology and Toxicology) draws the analogy between being in an abusive personal relationship with the relationship we are all currently experiencing with our government(s). 

Dr. Chris Martenson is APOLITICAL and he has been covering the pandemic since before the WHO declared it. He has never taken any political sides. Instead, he has analyzed all the machinations of this world crisis with a reverence for the scientific method like no one else I have seen.

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